I really wanted to write about all the fun things we’ve been doing while staying in Melbourne for the last couple of days. Really I did. I wanted to tell you all about my perfect angels and all the fun we’ve been having. Except were not. Well more specifically: I’m not. Some days are just more difficult than others y’know. Today was crap. My Batman voice came out more than I care to admit. And if you happened to run into us today in Melbourne, I’m sorry. Truly I am. Today I was swimming against the tide in an ocean of poop, brotherly taunts, toddler tantrums and general chaos.
I took a quick phone call from a friend today whilst precariously balancing my much needed coffee, phone clenched between my ear and shoulder, holding fifty thousand ninja turtle toys in one hand and pushing a double pram with the other (I’m off to enquire at circus oz after this cause my balancing skills are epic). When the noise from my cherubs reached a crescendo my friend enquired what the problem was. They were arguing about who loves Daddy more (he’s the flavour of the month of course, being away for work at the moment) and then they were complaining of being bored. At this point I felt completely deflated. I’d taken them into the city to indulge in a couple of days of room service, a lovely hotel pool and checking out the sights of Melbourne. I do everything for them and make sure they have the best bloody school holidays on the planet and they argue about how much they love DADDY? Oh and they’re bored. Bored? Are you freaking kidding me?!
And that set the tone for the day. By the time I managed to wrangle my kids for lunch at a busy cafe, I doled out the iPads pronto and ordered a Chardy. Yes I saw your sideways glances and yes I ignored them as I stared out the window fantasising about the benefits of Prozac or maybe even gaol time. Anything for a freaking 5 second break.

Back to the phone call with my friend where I was telling her how frustrated I am that the kids don’t seem to appreciate anything and expect to be on the go 24/7. Her response: Is that the expectation you’ve set?
Well didn’t that just hit me right between the eyes.

But she’s right.

Of course she’s right!

I meticulously plan out our school holidays. It doesn’t matter if we’re at home or away, I have a schedule and there’s not a single day where we’re not out doing something “fun”. But there’s a lesson in that for me. I need to teach my kids to be still. To encourage them to entertain themselves and use their imagination. To be at home and just BE.

So pyjama day tomorrow it is!

Don’t worry, I will be filling you in about our adventures in Melbourne city despite my mini mummy meltdown  😊