I have always been a fan of the Peninsula Hot Springs, however usually I visit with my girlfriends or husband for some relaxing time out. Today was a little different – I braved a visit with my two gorgeous boys. 

I was feeling a little pessimistic as I reversed out of my driveway to the screeching sound of a dying cat my two year old. Then I realised I needed petrol and given its over 40 degrees (celsius) in Melbourne today, that involved unbuckling and dragging two unimpressed kids into the servo. Two kilometres down the road from the servo my car starts going berserk and telling me to put my seatbelt on. I pull over several times and on the third time I finally work out that my handbag is too heavy and triggering the seatbelt warning on the passenger side. DERRR! With that all sorted we arrive at the springs feeling well, a little stressed out! 

As soon as we walked through the magnificent arbor and into the reception area we were greeted with such warmth that the stress of the morning began to melt away. We packed our things into a secure locker and headed out excitedly to explore the pools. There are so many to chose from, each with something a little different to offer. The boys favourites were the cave pool, the hydrojet pool and the hilltop pool. It was loads of fun discovering all the different pools with the kids and letting them decide where to go next. 

The family pool was great for little ones and my 6 year old couldn’t get enough of the freezing cold plunge pool once he worked up the nerve to jump in – crazy kid! 

After we’d completely explored every single pool, we chilled out in the serene cafe with a cool drink and a snack. It was quite an adventure for my  boys and they thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I may have arrived highly strung but by the time we walked back down the blissful path to the car, I was floating along with a big smile on my face.  As we got to the end of the hot springs driveway, I glanced in the revision mirror to see the kids both fast asleep. Two thumbs up! 


  • Book online before going to avoid disappointment especially in peak periods like over the summer holidays 
  • Kids are allowed in all pools up until 10am so it’s worthwhile booking in an early session so you can explore the Bathing Gully and Hilltop pools. After 10am these areas become adults only 
  • Whilst most of the pools are at least partially shaded, don’t forget to pack sunscreen and hats 

For more information or to make a booking head to the Peninsula Hot Springs website HERE