Even through my sleep deprived haze I am really trying to be present in the moment with my kids on this vacation. It’s important for me to take a step back, remember that this stage isn’t going to last forever and get the most out of each day. Yesterday my littlest adventurer was really unsettled and cranky. Everything was an effort. An effort not to bite my husbands head off, an effort to give my biggest adventurer some much needed attention, an effort to soothe the wriggling screaming baby. But we still got out for the day and tried to enjoy the little moments of peace and content while they lasted. Driving around mid-argument with my husband, trying to decide on somewhere to have lunch with the kids we stumbled across Laurence Wines of Margaret River. As soon as we arrived we could feel the tension drifting away. We sat out on the grass overlooking the lake and gardens and my biggest adventurer was very happy with the children’s play equipment.
There is an amazing sculpture in the middle of the lake and I just love the beautiful and powerful inscription: