This is not a post about how I am the worlds most perfect parent. I am not perfect and I don’t have all the answers. These are just my observations, my philosophy on life and what works for us 🙂

So here goes. So many other parents like to tell me I can’t do things. I am always amazed by how many complete strangers feel the need to tell me how hard it is to do anything with kids. Yesterday was a perfect example. I decided to escape the heat and take the boys to the movies. We got in the elevator and my chatty biggest adventurer struck up a conversation with another family in the lift. He excitedly told them that we were going to the cinema to see a Thomas and Friends movie. I could see the parents eyeing my littlest adventurer in the pram and looking at me with shocked expressions. As we exited the lift, the father tugged at my arm and said “excuse me, are you really taking both your kids to the movies?”
“Of course I am”
Then came the barrage of questions:
“Isn’t it hard? Won’t the baby cry? You can’t take a pram in there! ”

To which I reply “it will be as hard as you THINK it will be

And this sums up my philosophy on travelling with kids perfectly. If I sat back and let all the negative thoughts about how hard it will be take over my mind, we’d never go anywhere. We’d also miss out on some amazing family adventures and memories together. Of course it’s hard (note I never said it was easy!) but I like to focus on the positives like having a wonderful vacation together and starting out with a positive attitude goes a very long way.

I try not to think about the why, I think why not!