Hi, I’m Kelly! This is my family travel blog about the ups and downs of travelling with little people. I am a mum of two little adventurers; my big adventurer who is 5 and my little adventurer who is 2.

I love to travel with the kids and explore new places. As with all busy families, we are always on the go. We have a growing business that involves a lot of travel in Australia and we also love to travel overseas. I often get lots of questions from other mums about how to travel with young children. I get a kick out of giving tips, tricks, stories and reviews from our adventures and hope you enjoy reading them too. Follow me and my family on our little adventures around the world.

Why do I travel with my kids?

It’s an adventure. Without the bad or difficult bits, I wouldn’t get the incredible lifelong memories and experiences that come with travelling as a family. I do it because I love to explore, escape and grow. I do it so that my children can experience the world and be better for it. Quite simply I do it for the smile it puts on my boys faces and the wild excitement in their eyes when we embark on a new adventure.