Hello there, I’m back! 

After a truly amazing couple of weeks in the USA I am back at home and reflecting on the many adventures we had. Loads of people have asked me what the highlight of the trip was, so I thought I’d share it with you here. 

Without a doubt for me it was the trip to the Grand Canyon. We were a little short on time so we decided on a helicopter tour from Las Vegas. My kids were so excited to be getting in the helicopter and were captivated from the moment we took off. The views were spectacular and the Grand Canyon itself was breathtaking. 

There was a moment in the helicopter that makes me feel all fuzzy inside when I think about it.  We were hovering high above the Colorado river looking down into the vastness of the Grand Canyon. I had my toddler perched on my knee, my five year old on one side and hubby on the other. All of us were looking out at the landscape with awe when my five year old said over the headset: I love you mummy and daddy, this is the best day ever.

Job done I say. That day was just awesome and the fact that the kids loved it too was the cherry on top.   


I’ll share some more on our adventures soon! 

Safe travels