Today is the first full day back at Kindergarten for my biggest adventurer and let’s just say he’s not exactly happy. He is a carefree, adventure loving, action kid and he doesn’t appreciate the routine of school. I know its just a transitional phase and by the end of the week he’ll be entertaining me with stories of skyscrapers made from blocks, painting without wearing a smock (living on the edge!) and sandcastles that reach the sky. It’s just these couple of days that are the hardest until we fall into a new groove. It makes me appreciate the unique qualities that make up my son and that he loves to travel just as much as we do. He likes to call the hotels wherever we land our “new homes” and he will reminisce with us about which ones are his favourites.

This morning he said “mummy, lets go back to the Maldives today”. How I wish it were that easy! For me, I am back to work tomorrow which I’m kinda excited about. I’ll get to talk to adults, finish my cup of tea and have a bathroom break all by myself! My biggest adventurer wont have to wait too long for our next adventure though – we are planning a break in March to Western Australia 🙂

Happy Monday people