Bali was so much fun with my family but it was a little difficult at times with my littlest adventurer in tow. He is now 15 months old and at the stage where he just wants to run around. I thought it would be helpful to put together my best tips for travelling to Bali with a baby (or toddler) so that you can get the best out of your trip.

MOZZIE PROTECTION: The mozzies in Bali are relentless and I had to be vigilant to make sure the kids weren’t devoured. Some places in Bali supply a mozzie net to put over the portacot but we always travel with our own just in case. This one from Baby Bunting is great because it also covers the sides of the cot. For mozzie repellant we usually go with Aerogard because it is safe to use on kids. For more information on the safe use of insect repellants please see the Royal Children’s Hospital fact sheet HERE.

DITCH THE PRAM: Bali is not made for prams – where we went anyway! In Seminyak there is barely a footpath and where there is one, scooters and motorbike riders seem to think it’s the express lane. I attempted to go for a walk with the pram in Seminyak and it ended in heart failure. The streets are simply too busy and cramped to accommodate even the smallest of prams. Don’t even get me started on crossing the road with a pram and 4 year old in tow! In Ubud the shops were beautiful but also not pram friendly. There were a lot of steep steps up into the shops to protect them from flooding in the wet season. I spent the day carrying bubs in the pram up and down steps so he could cool off in the air conditioned shops. I wish that I’d bought a good carrier as it would’ve made life a lot easier. I’ve borrowed a friends Ergo baby carrier before and it was brilliant. It would’ve been perfect in Bali as they are rated up to 15kgs and so comfy to wear.

STERILISING: The water in Bali is not safe to drink so I was extra careful when sterilising for bubs to make sure there were no nasties. I’ve had lots of enquires from parents in the past about how to sterilise when you are away. This trip I bought an inexpensive steriliser from The Baby Goods Warehouse. This one was $15.95 so I actually left it at the Villa. I filled it up with bottled water and zapped away any nasties in the microwave. I like to travel with Milton’s tablets (available at Pharmacy Online) in my toiletries bag. These are great for when you are staying at a hotel and don’t have access to a microwave. I simply fill up the sink with bottled water, put in a couple of Milton’s tablets and the bottles are sterilised within 10 minutes. I have used the Medela Steriliser bags from Target and they are a fabulous option if space in your suitcase is an issue.

Hope this helps – happy travels 🙂