Who doesn’t love going to the circus? Its an opportunity to believe in the extraordinary and let yourself be drawn into their magical world. And that’s exactly what happened when we went along to see the Circus Oz show, Model Citizens. For 2 whole hours my boys were completely engrossed in the theatrics happening on stage. And the magic isn’t reserved for the stage, as soon as you walk in the big top you are welcomed by jugglers and performers all eager to entertain you. Max and Lachie happily watched the lady at the merchandise stand balancing plates on sticks in between balancing customers.

The set itself is a playground of oversized household items such as scissors and clothes pegs that suddenly turn into hoops and springboards.

The kids got a real kick out of seeing (and hearing!) the live band and loved listening to them as much as watching the show. The musicians weave seamlessly in and out of the scenes adding that special touch to each act.

Having two little boys, the absolute highlight for them was the giant pair of underpants that were suspended from the roof and at one point catapulting performers across the stage. They are both still laughing about the giant undies!

Model Citizens has now finished, but to check out more magic from Circus Oz CLICK HERE.