Japan was such an interesting and cool place to visit with the kids. It was unlike any other place we had ever been before – every day was filled with new discoveries and adventures. These are just a couple of things that truly made Japan unique for me:

  1. The singing toilets. I’m not joking, the kids thought the toilets were so cool. None of this boring one button to flush business. The toilets in Japan take it to a new level. In one hotel we stayed at, our toilet would play music, play a “flushing” sound (but not actually flush?) and turn into a mini butt sized sauna.
  2. I love pyjamas so just imagine how excited I was to find that every single hotel we stayed out supplied us with cute matching pjs – even for the kids!! I was a little disappointed to discover that they weren’t mine to keep (unless I wanted to fork out $100 plus) but still it was a lovely touch.   
  3. Lining up in Japan is like an Olympic sport! Lining up for the Shinkansen (bullet train) was an exercise in precision. Even the lifts are shaped in a certain way to make it quicker to enter and exit. I have never lined up so much in my life! 
  4. Bicycles bicycles everywhere! We saw a mum doing the school run with 2 kids, one on the front of the bike and one on the back. 
  5. Baby-wearing (or even children-wearing) is very popular. We took our pram but most places weren’t all that pram friendly particularly in the city. We had breakfast at McDonalds one morning and had to cart the pram up 3 flights of stairs to the seating area. 
  6. Japanese are fun and friendly and always keen to help a lost traveller. I was helped out on the street numerous times by pedestrians when we looked a little lost. We accidentally left our passports in the safe at the hotel in Osaka and our Hotel happily couriered them back to us in Kyoto – hows that for service?