I often write tips and tricks about travelling with kids but I thought I’d do something a little different today and take you through some of my biggest travel fails. It’s not all sunshine and lollipops when we travel and I make just as many mistakes as a travel rookie! 

1)  On our recent trip back from New York to Melbourne I packed 2 changes of clothes for the kids but didn’t have enough room in our carry on to pack a change of clothes for myself. Murphys Law: the minute we took off from JFK airport on route to LA I felt a warm trickle down my leg. Yep my almost 2 year old who was sitting happily on my lap had done a Houdini wee and completely missed his nappy. That’s fine, I thought. I’ll get through this flight and buy some new pants pants at LAX. Nope. Our flight was delayed and we had to run throught the airport to make our Sydney flight. No pants for me. At this point every time I stood up my five year old would say “mum, something smells like wee”. Yes honey, that’s me. Same story in Sydney and by that time I’d given up all hope of new pants. In total, by the time I got home and threw the pee soaked pants in the bin, I’d been travelling for over 30 hours. Moral of the story: always pack spare clothes. No exceptions. 

2) Do you remember the story of the poo-nami? That was the time my then 1 year old did a number 3 all over the hire car and I only had 2 wipes left. Not my best moment. For the full story take a look HERE

3) We were on a lovely family holiday to Fiji and staying at Vomo Island. They have an adjoining island that you can organise to go out to for a romantic picnic lunch. We only had our eldest son at this point so we decided to have him looked after so we could spend the day together. On the morning of he picnic hubby woke up feeling a bit iffy but he decided to push through and do the trip as planned. We get dropped out at the Island with an esky of goodies, a picnic blanket and a walkie talkie. Well wouldn’t you know it about 10mins after being dropped off, Hubby is starting to feel seriously sick. There is no bathroom. There is no toilet paper. I call the resort only to find out that it’s now low tide and they can’t come and get us because of the reef. Let’s just say that was a pretty unromantic lunch! 

4) We were off on a trip to NZ for a friends wedding years ago. We hadn’t travelled much at this point and were pretty clueless. We turn up at the check-in desk and the lady says the dreaded words “You’ve missed your flight… By a month!” That’ll teach us to book flights after a bottle of red! 
5) Then there was the time we were driving the windy road from Port Douglas to Cairns when my son suddenly complained of a tummy ache. Within seconds he started projectile vomiting all over the car. There was vomit hanging from the flipping roof! Everything was covered including us and I had to run into the shops in a towel and buy us all new clothes.

I have plenty of other disaster stories but that’s for another day! Looking back, maybe I should change my blog name to My Little Disasters?! What’s your biggest travel fails?