So you’re taking the first trip away with bubs – how exciting! Firstly congratulations and well done on the arrival of your little one. Go you! It still amazes me how such a tiny little person can totally throw your world into utter chaos. Lovely chaos, but chaos all the same.

If you’re anything like me, the first couple of weeks were a blur of breastfeeding, cat napping and survival. After the initial haze wore off, I had this supernatural need to show off this cool new baby I’d made. To anyone and everyone. So at 2 weeks old we packed up and took bubs on his first trip to Sydney.

IMG_1634.JPG My biggest adventurer at 8 months old in the baby carrier on our way to Fiji

It needn’t be as daunting as is sounds. Here are my fast 5 tips to making your first flight a success:

1) Take into account routines – if you know bubs get fussy in the afternoon then avoid an afternoon flight. If bubs sleeps well in the morning then consider a flight around this time.

2) Take the pram and/or baby carrier. I personally like to take both when travelling with a young bub. Most airlines will let you take the pram to the gate which can make for a more peaceful wait in the airport departure lounge. Also, having the baby carrier on board can be useful if your baby becomes unsettled and needs to be rocked to sleep.

3) Don’t forget to pack your little ones sleep suit, favourite wrap, bunny rug, snuggle toy and dummy if your bubs has one. The aim is to mimic the environment you have at home so take anything that you normally use to soothe bubs. My boys listen to music to fall asleep so I make sure I have the music downloaded to our phones and iPads to play to them during the flight.

4) When you book your flights, make sure you book in the bassinet. The bassinet seats are normally reserved for families travelling with young babies and can make the trip a little more bearable. I could never get my boys to sleep in one for more than 40mins but at least it was a little respite for me.

5) Breastfeed or bottle-feed your baby on take-off and landing. The swallowing will help prevent that uncomfortable ear popping. I found that my kids generally went straight off to sleep if I fed them during take off which was an added bonus.

I hope you have a wonderful trip away with your precious little bundle and come back with loads of memories too. Safe travels x

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