I’ve been taking a look at what we have planned for the next 6 months and to say that I am pumped is an understatement!! While 2015 bring lots of overseas travel our way, the rest of 2014 is just as exciting with loads of getaways a little closer to home.

We are taking the little adventurers to the snow for the first time this winter – we are absolutely clueless so any tips would be greatly appreciated. We have booked an amazing chalet in Hotham with friends and I have bought the cutest little ski outfits for the boys. Like all families with kids, the movie Frozen has been on repeat in our house – I can just see us dancing around in the snow singing “would you like to build a snowman…?” Squeeeeeee, I’m so damn excited!

A trip to Bali has been planned for later in the year with the extended family. I’ve never been to Bali before and it’s something I’m really looking forward to. We have family there too so it’s a chance for us to catch up, explore and relax.

Throw in a possible girls trip to Hawaii, a conference in Torquay, a few special nights out exploring Melbourne and I think that sounds like a pretty wonderful way to spend the next 6 months.

I’m feeling incredibly blessed this morning and can’t wait to share these adventures with you!