I’m not a car person. I can’t tell a Ford from a Ferrari and describing colour or shape is about as technical as I get. I have a pretty normal 4WD and it ticks all my boxes: it works plus it fits all our crap in. Well, that’s what I thought.

Last winter we booked a weekend away at the snow with friends. The plan was to meet at the bottom of the mountain to have some lunch, pick up our ski gear then make the trek up to Hotham. So we picked up all our ski gear and attempted to shove it in our car. Unless our five year old learnt some impressive yoga poses (or we left him behind, which just quietly was an attractive option given the wobbly he was throwing) it wasn’t going to happen. It was pretty clear that it wouldn’t all fit in our car. Along came our friends to the rescue (thank you!!) and loaded our skis onto the roof racks of their SUV and off we set.

Our chalet had one carspace which meant that we had to park our car in another area a little way away from the resort. After an amazing weekend it was time to load up the car and head home again.

One problem: where on earth was our car?! It had snowed steadily over the weekend and we’d lost the car in a blanket of snow. Finally the car was located and we were told that we needed to put the snow chains on.


Our car playing hide and seek in the snow

Whilst I was wrangling the kids, my awesome hubby set about clearing the snow off the car and installing the chains. Forty five minutes, a dirty, wet, cranky husband later we were ready to go. CLUNK. CLUNK. CLUNK. I gritted my teeth and tried to pretend that the chains weren’t doing irreparable damage to the car.

Half way down the mountain we pulled into a car bay to take off the chains. Easy enough. Yeah right! The bloody things had entangled themselves around our tyres and we were effectively stuck on the side of the mountain. Thank goodness for the kind man who took pity on us and helped us out. Meanwhile our friends were almost half way home by the time we sorted our chains out. Arghhhh!

And so there I was: gritting my teeth, bargaining with kids who were having an epic meltdown, trying to calm down my seething injured husband on the side of the effing freezing cold road in the middle of nowhere.

And then the green eyed monster hit me. Square between the eyes and out of nowhere I was seething. Our friends weren’t stuck on the side of the bloody road in the freezing cold. Our friends didn’t need freaking evil snow chains. Our friends had enough room for all their crap. Our friends kids were happy and warm watching DVDs on their in built tv screens. Our friends had a Range Rover.

I’m really not a car person. But if I had to choose, I’d choose a Range Rover by Land Rover. You can check out their range HERE.
*FYI this post has been sponsored by Land Rover but all opinions expressed by the author are 100% authentic and written in their own words.