We teamed up with family friends and took the kids skiing at Mount Hotham for the weekend and it was beyond amazing.

Starting out early on Friday morning we made the trip up the picturesque winding road to Mount Hotham. I had little to no experience with snow before this trip and I had no idea what to expect. The kids squealed at the first sight of snow on the side of the road and were positively jumping out of their seats by the time we reached the bustling ski village at the top. I excitedly jumped out of the car and promptly slipped and fell flat on my face! Lesson one: snow boots. Get them. Don’t attempt to wear any other shoes regardless of how fashionable they are!

We made our way to our Ski Chalet called Blowhard (go on, get all your giggles out now. Yes, it really was called Blowhard) which was conveniently located right near Hotham Central. The best way I can describe Blowhard is a combination of the Burrow (Ron Weasley’s house from Harry Potter) and a luxury 70’s hotel. What a combo, right?! Spread over 10 levels, nothing has been forgotten when designing this chalet. There is a huge spa overlooking the slopes, a sauna, a drying room for all your ski gear, a theatre room, 3 huge Queen rooms with ensuites, a kids room that sleeps 5 and to top it off there is a bar up in the clouds on the top level. The kids loved playing hide and seek and exploring all the different levels. I half expected Mrs Weasley to be cooking us breakfast when we woke up in the morning 🙂

Sunrise from the main lounge, view from the main lounge, champagne in the spa overlooking the ski slopes

I had booked the adults and kids some ski lessons and it was honestly the best thing we could’ve done. We had one instructor for the 4 adults and another one for the 3 kids. Our instructors were fabulous and made our trip a success (a shout out to Jarrah and Ross if you’re reading this: you guys rock!!). They were both great with the kids and made the experience really enjoyable. For me, the highlight of my trip was seeing my biggest adventurer give it a go and continually get up and try again after falling over. Skiing is hard, frustrating and painful but he didn’t give up. He walked away with a huge sense of achievement and a new love of skiing.

Today I feel like an old lady. Everything is aching and I busted up my knee a little in a stack BUT I’d do it all again in a heartbeat. I think this may be the start of many trips to the snow for us!