Staying in hotels with kids can be tricky. I don’t know about you but I rarely find a place that has the magic combo of space, configuration and price. I’d love to be able to book a Suite everywhere we go but that just isn’t possible! Sometimes we just have to pile into a teeny hotel room and hope for the best.

Here are some simple tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way for staying in hotel rooms with little kids:

1) The Gro Anywhere Blind. Oh my goodness this thing is a lifesaver! I discovered this blind when we were staying on the Gold Coast and my son who was 18 months old at the time kept waking up with the sun at 5am. There were blinds in his room but not enough to block out the early morning sun rays. The Gro Anywhere Blind is basically a black blind with suction caps attached to the back that you simply stick to the window and voila – no more sunlight. I’ve found many uses for mine over the years. When the four of us have stayed in a standard hotel room all together, I’ve been able to suction cap the blind to the roof and make a little alcove for the boys. No more hiding in the bathroom and watching movies on the iPad! Available at Baby Bunting for $59.95 – GET YOURS HERE


2) Pack a collapsible washing basket in your luggage. You can fill it with clean clothes on the way there and then use it as a dirty laundry basket when you get there. I have found that very few hotels and resorts provide them and it really comes in handy when you are lugging all the clothes to the laundry room. Even if you don’t wash them there, it’s easy to pop the dirty laundry back into your suitcase and pull it out when you get home. The one pictured below will set you back $10 from Kmart Australia – BUY IT HERE


3) Set up a nappy change station in one section of the room. I like to put down a towel, then set up my change mat with wipes, nappies and bags all in the one place. That way you’re not juggling a stinky baby on one hip while rifling though all your stuff to find everything you need. The Diaper Wallet from is a great addition to your baby bag with a bright change mat and wipes all in one. I love the bright colours and they are $39 – GET ONE HERE


Do you have any tips to add?