Yay – Easter is almost here! Which means a lot of you will be heading away over Easter to take advantage of the school holidays.

I get a lot of questions about what to take on board a flight. After killing my back from years I’ve recently taken to packing a backpack for the kids to carry on and a separate bag for myself. That way the kids can be responsible for their stuff and I get to feel like a real grown up again – bonus!

Here’s what I’m packing in MY carry on bag for our Easter getaway:


Clockwise from middle top

Emporio Armarni sunglasses from Sunglasses Warehouse $125. I can’t go anywhere without my sunnies and travelling with two small children means that I’m always slapping on my sunnies to cover those bags under my eyes.

Earplanes from Chemist Warehouse $12.39. These are just the best! They come in kids and adult sizes and for me they instantly cut out the pressure in my ears.

Holysmoke headphones from Myer $49.95. I have really really small ears so those damn free earphones from the airline never seem to stay put in my ear for long. I am loving these super cool rose gold ones.

Down the Rabbit Hole mini colouring in book from LaLa Land $9.95. Why should the kids get to have all the fun? I find that when I’m colouring in too, the kids seem to want to stick with it for longer.

Pretty in Pastel coloured pens from Kikki-K $9.95. Of course you’ll be needing some fancy pens to colour in with too! Love the pastel colours, I could just colour in forever…

Lanolips 101 Ointment from Facial Co $17.95. I absolutely hate having dry lips and flying is well know for drying out your skin. To combat the pressurised cabin I always pack a good moisturising lipgloss like this one.

Moxie Tampons from Priceline $2.99. I’ve been caught out mid-flight waaaaay too many times not to pack these in.

Mentos from Woolworths $0.80. Do your fellow passengers a favour and pack these in.

Metalic weave scarf from Seed Heritage $29.95. A scarf can hide a multitude of mishaps: baby spew, vegemite fingerprints even a wardrobe malfunction. It can also act as a cover up for you or bubs if the flight gets a little chilly.

THE BAG: Escape Bag from State of Escape $299. I have been coveting this bag for such a long time. All the cool Mums have one and I am in love. It’s casual but glamorous and big enough to fit absolutely everything in. It’s great for the beach or pool when you reach your destination too.

Am I forgetting anything? Is there something you’d add?

Keep a look out for my next post about what I’m packing in my kids carry on backpack. I’ve found some supercool toys and activities to keep them busy on long flights that I can’t wait to share!