Yesterday we had the flight from hell with our littlest adventurer screaming for 3 and a half hours straight. Yes, I was one of THOSE mums pacing the aisle, frantically trying to stop the screaming baby and avoiding eye contact with the other passengers. Before I go on, I feel like I need to apologise to all the other parents out there who have struggled with a baby mid-flight. Before yesterday I had judged these parents as unprepared, clueless and selfish. Not the case and I’m sorry for judging you. After preparing for every potential situation, packing all the essentials (and loads of non-essentials too!) he still lost the plot. In my quest for perfection I never thought that maybe having a well behaved baby was beyond my control. I feel incredibly lucky that our biggest adventurer has always been a breeze to travel with and I’m learning that this is not the norm. So here’s what I’ve learnt:
1) babies will be babies. You can prepare all you like but you never know when your little one is going to go into meltdown mode.
2) Virgin airlines have new Safety Information Cards with cartoon characters on them – the only thing that would stop my littlest adventurer from crying was letting him look at the Safety Information card, point to the cartoon baby and say “bubba”. I’m not sure if they made them more kid friendly on purpose or if it was a happy coincidence but thankyou Virgin, well played 🙂
3) sometimes you just need to surrender to the situation and realise it’s just one day, one flight, one moment in your life. It’ll be over soon and there will be wine at the other side hehe

I’ll certainly appreciate it a lot more when my kids are well behaved and spare a thought for the parent whose pacing and desperately trying to pacify their little one.

On a brighter note, we are now in Margaret River, Western Australia enjoying exploring the sights. And after a beautiful lunch at Laurance Winery, life doesn’t seem so bad…

More to come on our adventures soon!