Hair, nails, spray tan, eyelashes, waxing… Today is my ritualistic maintenance day before going on holidays. I only have time for the basics this time so I’m off to have my hair and waxing done while the adventurers are being looked after for the afternoon. Whilst I love the end result, I really do hate having my hair done. I’m always sitting in the chair wondering what else I could be doing with three whole hours of kid free time. It’s kind of a pointless exercise for me anyway, because as soon as we arrive somewhere with a little humidity my hair seizes up into a big ball of frizz and I’m forced to wrestle it into a bun everyday. Oh the things we women do to look pretty (even if it is only for a couple of days).

I am super excited about waxing. Wow, there’s a sentence I never thought I’d say! But my legs are so hairy that I can feel my hair swaying in the breeze when I walk and I’m starting to scare people at the gym. More than once in the last week I’ve thought I had a cobweb on my leg only to discover it was just my overly hairy legs.

What’s on your maintenance list before going on holidays?