I love seeing pics of celebrities looking fabulous as they step off a red eye international flight. Every time I see their effortlessly glamorous outfits and beautifully quaffed hair I think to myself, surely they’ve spent the last hour of the flight “getting ready”? Flying when you’re a mum (or dad!) is not glamorous. I have emerged from many flights looking (and smelling) like something the cat dragged in. But each time we travel I like to think I get a little better at it. So here is a run down of my flying style:

1) A stylish hat. This one is from Country Road and is perfect for hiding that scruffy hair that my littlest adventurer has sucked on/pulled out/puked into. Hair in an elastic, hat on and voila: no one else needs to know that it’s a matted mess under there!

2) This long dark cardigan is from BooHoo. I love a long snugly cardigan that can double as a blanket for you (or bubs) if it gets chilly on the flight. Also, a dark colour is a MUST – I have only ever worn white once on a flight with kids and never again 🙁

3) I always take a good hydrating moisturiser on a long haul flight. L’occitane’s Angelica Hydration Cream is great and leaves your skin feeling refreshed without the oily residue.

4) It’s pretty basic, but comfy clothes are essential! I have (in my younger days, lol) stupidly donned a pair of Bridget Jones suck-me-in underpants for a flight. Queue 50 trips to the bathroom to adjust/pee/pull out of my bottom! Not comfy ladies and sooo not worth it no matter how good you want to look at the other end. This flowy maxi dress from Country Road is perfect. Comfortable yet classic and patterns are great to hide a multitude of sins 🙂

5) I know I’ve said this a couple of times before, but I think it’s a total lifesaver when flying with babies: a teething necklace. This stylish one is from Nibbly Bits and bubs will absolutely love the bright colour.

6) I always have a pair of socks in my carry on luggage. It can get pretty chilly on board and these Bonds socks will keep your tootsies nice and toasty.

7) I can’t go anywhere without a good pair of Havianas. They are so comfy and these ones with a little bit of bling on them make the outfit.