This morning I dressed the kids in their best polo’s, found matching socks (I know, posh!) brushed their cowl licks down and said a silent prayer for good behaviour. Today we braved the Sesame Street Children’s High Tea hosted by the Langham Hotel in Melbourne. 

Usually when there’s an activity involving food I automatically rule my kids out. They have a few allergies and this can cause some problems. You have no idea how many times a waitress has told me a dish only has “a little bit of dairy” and they’ll be fine. But that’s a whole other rant story. I’ve wanted to go the kids high tea at the Langham for such a long time so I decided to just contact the Langham beforehand to see if they could accommodate my kids requirements. To my surprise (I was honestly shocked!) they said they said it was no problem at all – I was chuffed.   

And it seems I wasn’t the only one. We were barely even at our table before the boys spotted the Sesame Street plush dolls at their place settings and were grinning ear to ear. Combined with the activity book and colouring in pages I knew we would be set for the next hour or so. The waiter was extremely attentive to the kids and built up a great rapport with them over throughout the morning. He had them laughing and showing off their colouring masterpieces in no time. 

The food was beyond anything I expected. The kids were excited to see the “Bert” (or is it Ernie? I never remember who is who) bananas and quickly gobbled up all the goodies. The meringues were a hit and they couldn’t get enough of the little jellies. My high tea was out of this world. Mushroom shaped meringue, salted caramel tart, passion fruit and mango macaron, chocolate mousse. Be still my beating heart! Not to mention the buttermilk scones and delicate sandwiches. My only regret is that I couldn’t fit it all in. Or that I didn’t wear stretchy pants.   

It was the loveliest morning at the Children’s High Tea with my two boys. I was apprehensive to begin with and then blown away by the service, attention to detail and of course the amazing food. 

Experience it for yourself – honestly it’ll be the best meal you’ve ever had with the kids! Take a look HERE