Who doesn’t want to have the cutest, most well behaved baby on the flight? Unfortunately I can’t help you with the well behaved part (or I’d be very rich I’m sure!), but I can give you my top picks for dressing baby for a flight.

My main rules are: layers, colours and comfort.


1) This gorgeous grey hoodie from Baobab is not only comfy but looks so cute too. Great for layering or taking on the flight to put on before disembarking if your destination is a cooler climate.

2) I love the baby clothes from Pure Baby because they are so comfortable and look great. This dress is cute on its own but it’s also good with tights underneath for extra warmth.

3) These leggings are also from Pure Baby. These are awesome because they have enclosed feet so you won’t have to keep looking for that lost sock!

4) A great bib is a must and this one from Cotton on Kids is too sweet to refuse!

5) More enclosed feet leggings – I can’t get enough of these! My littlest adventurer loves to pull his socks off and throw them so these Country Road ones are perfect for him.

6) Bandana bibs are so cute – I just love how they look! This is from Bean and Me and with all the drool that comes out of my bubs, this is a lifesaver.

7) This super stylish hoodie (complete with little bear ears!) is from Seed Heritage and is fabulous for layering up.

8) What little boy wouldn’t love this adorable bodysuit from Cotton on Kids. It’s perfect on its own but also looks great with leggings/pants.

Hope you like my picks for bubs – happy shopping 🙂