This weekend I’ve been over in gorgeous sunny Perth for a blogging training session (which was mind blowing by the way!). Originally hubby and the boys were meant to come over for a mix of work and a bit of a mini break. Unfortunately that didn’t go to plan so I had to head over to WA by myself. Aside from initial disappointment I was excited by the prospect of a couple of kid free days – who wouldn’t be!?

I arrived the day before the training session and had an afternoon to fill in. Clearly all the sleep deprivation must’ve caught up with me because I have no idea what made me think booking a solo ticket on a romantic lunch cruise up the Swan River would be a good idea.

I dubiously looked around at all the couples boarding the boat and wondered how this would pan out. I didn’t have to wait too long as I was escorted to my romantic table for one, by myself at the front of the boat in full view of loved up couples behind me. Awesome. Thank god for wine (and a waitress who recognised the need to keep my glass full). It wasn’t too long before I escaped and sought refuge outside on the deck taking in the sights of the picturesque Swan River.

IMG_1479.JPG Party for one; nothing but wine and sunshine for company

Thankfully I wasn’t a loner for too long. Making friends, particularly over a glass of wine, has always been strong point of mine. I now have a couple of lovely new friends (thank you, thank you, thank you!) and an afternoon that I thought was going to be terrible turned out to be fantastic.

It gave me a new appreciation for solo travellers and trust me, I’ll be keeping an eye out for people that look like they could use a companion on our adventures from now on. Much to my hubby’s embarrassment I’m no stranger to inviting solo diners to join us – and I don’t intend to stop now!

Feel free to tell me all about your solo adventures!!