IMG_1657.JPG Room with a view

This is totally not a sponsored post I just really wanted to share the love. The Parkroyal Melbourne Airport made my day. And believe me, that was a HARD task.

Let me start out by describing my afternoon. I had a plan: after kinder I would drive the kids up to Melbourne, check into the hotel, have a leisurely swim at the hotel pool, order room service and then the kids would blissfully fall into bed without argument. Perfect right? Wrong!

10 mins into the car trip my toddler starts wailing uncontrollably. I offer him his dummy. A drink. A snack. A million dollars. Nup, this kid won’t have any of it. So in desperation I open his window just a little to let some air in.


WTF was that?

He threw his shoe out the window mummy, says my other son. HE. THREW. HIS. FREAKING. SHOE. OUT. THE. WINDOW! Doing 100km/h down the freeway and he lobs his shoe out the window. (Incidentally, if anyone on the Mornington peninsula finds said shoe, you know where to send it).

Okaaaay, so all windows up we carry on our trip. That is until we hit the lovely Monash freeway. 3 hours later, yep no joke, 3 hours later we finally arrive at the Parkroyal Melbourne Airport.

What on earth made me think I could handle 2 kids, 2 suitcases, 2 backpacks a pram and golf clubs on my own? It was hard enough just walking 2 metres let alone the fact that we didn’t even fit in the elevator! Thanks to a kind businessman who came to the rescue we made it to reception. Phew.

As soon as I walked into the reception area at the hotel, all my stress faded away (okay, well most of it!). The guy at the check-in counter couldn’t have been any more helpful. He didn’t give me the stink eye as my kids ran riot through the reception area and jumped on the lounges. After three hours in the car, who could blame them? Instead, he was very understating and promptly took our bags to the room. The staff seem to really appreciate the stresses of family travel and want to do anything they can to help out.

I haven’t stayed at the Parkroyal before so didn’t know what to expect from the room. I was pleasantly surprised to find a spacious room with a bathtub (big tick from me) and a lovely view of the planes landing and taking off. The kids were mesmerised by the planes and sat at the window to watch.

I ordered room service for the ravenous animals kids and was told the kids meals come with fruit salad and ice cream. I asked for just fruit salad as my kids are allergic to dairy. My boys were so excited when their dinner arrived – the gorgeous restaurant staff had made them special fruit salad with fairy floss on top. It wasn’t hard to bribe them to eat their dinner after that – winning!! Also, to the room service guy: you didn’t have to laugh at my 5 year olds fart joke, but thank you – you made his day 😂

So anyway, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the staff at the Parkroyal Melbourne Airport. You made a really tough part of my trip a lot more bearable and we’ll definitely be staying again.