There’s a ball of anxiety in the pit of my stomach and I’m finding it hard to sleep. I usually get this way before embarking on a big trip and this time is no different. I have a million little lists buzzing around my head, countless things to buy, pack and find. It’s 5am and the house is quiet. I’m sneaking around pulling bits and pieces from rooms and carefully packing them in our suitcases. I didn’t used to be so fanatic about packing but since travelling with kids my whole carefree attitude towards travel has changed.

I have two little adventurers; my eldest son is just about to turn four and my littlest adventurer is 5 months old. Yes five months old and probably the major cause of my travel anxiety! We have travelled with big adventurer (my eldest son) before but he was 10 months old when we took our first trip overseas and he seemed less, well, fragile at that age. Little Adventurer (my youngest son) has taken many trips interstate with us and has been a joy so far to travel with. Fingers crossed…
This trip has a lot of destinations packed into it. We never just seem to go to one place. I feel like we are always trying to tack something on or fit other things in. This trip starts off with little adventurer and myself flying up to sydney for a dear girlfriends baby shower. Then I am visiting my parents on the NSW Central Coast for a couple of days before meeting big adventurer and my husband in Sydney for a 3 day conference. Once the festivities of the conference have finished we head onto Singapore for four days followed by the Maldives for a week and then 3 more nights in Singapore before making the trip back home to the VIC Mornington Peninsula.
The light is trickling through my windows and my house is starting to come alive so I best get cracking with the day and sort out those lists of mine… Happy travels