Nothing gets  me more fired up than when people tell me that taking my kids out of school to travel is detrimental to their learning. Sure there has to be a balance and I can’t be taking them out every week but I really do believe that travelling with them is the best education they could ever get. Travel has brought some of my five year olds interests to the forefront and we’ve been able to shape and steer our adventures to cater to these.

Travel for me is a balance of fun and learning and if it’s not happening together then you’re doing it wrong!

When we were recently in San Fransisco we took the opportunity to explore the cities best educational attractions with the kids. Fitting some educational aspects into a trip away shouldn’t be boring – it’s about picking what suits your families interests and going with it.

Here are my top 3 educational attractions in San Fransisco:

1) The Exploratorium. Wow, just wow. Both my boys loved this place and whilst it was a bit tricky to constantly chase after my 2 year old here, they both got a lot out of the exhibits. We spent hours exploring the interactive displays – everything was just so much fun! My five year old particularly liked the section on space and is still talking about the cow eye dissection that he watched (and grossing everyone out!!). This museum covers a lot of different aspects of science so your kids are sure to find something they love here. Check out their website HERE 

2) Children’s Creativity museum. If your kid loves hands on play then this is the place for you. My two year old was happy playing in the toddlers area which has an interactive screen, large building blocks, moulding clay station and other craft activities whilst my 5 year old built a plasticine action hero and made his very own short animation. Super cool!! Take a look at their website HERE 

And here is the awesome animation!!   
3) The Red and White Golden Gate Bridge boat tour. It was a clear but chilly San Fran day so we decided to layer up and head out on a tour of the bay. As you board the boat, you are given a headset to listen to which is full of information about San Fransisco and the landmarks you see along the way. My five year old absolutely loved listening to this and in particular he was really interested to hear all about Alcatraz. You can book a tour HERE


Have you taken your kids to San Fransisco? Any other educational activities you’d add?