I’ve lost my travel mum mojo. One *teeny* girls trip to Hawaii and I’ve lost the knack to coordinate and pack for the family. Oh dear.

Take our recent trip to the NSW Central Coast. I forgot to pack undies for our biggest adventurer, I packed two hats for the one kid and none for the other and almost forgot the medicated formula for bubs. Clearly I’m off my game. None of these were a disaster (there ARE shops on the Coast lol) but by far the biggest disaster was the car trip back to the airport. On approach to the airport, a smell began to waft from the backseat. Our biggest adventurer was more than happy to claim responsibility for the smell and cackled mischievously that he’d stunk us out. Upon arrival at the airport I soon discovered the real source of the smell. I lifted our littlest adventurer, my 18 month old from his car seat and placed him in the pram. My arm felt wet and I glanced down. To my horror my arm was covered in poo. And so was the pram. And the car seat. And bubs. Crap. Literally. And you know what? We only had two wipes left. Yep, two. Not so much the well travelled, ever prepared mum that I tell myself I am. How could I let there only be two wipes left when a tsunami of poo descended on us????

IMG_1218.JPG I’m so not full of it mum!

As the shock faded amongst the overwhelming smell, armed with a water bottle and a couple of bonds singlets that were sacrificed we made quick work of the mess. Never ever ever ever again will I be caught out without enough wipes. Never. Lesson learnt and I think it’s time for this travel mum to lift her game 😜

What’s your biggest travel with kids disaster?

**as a side note, I think a car seat liner might be in order. Suggestions?