1) Pack a small nappy change bag that you can easily grab and take to the baby change toilet during the flight. This will save lots of hassle trying to find all the things you need in a giant nappy bag. It should include baby wipes, nappy bags, enough nappies for the flight and a change of clothes.

2) I have found that wearing a teething necklace on the flight eliminates the need to carry lots of teething toys. The added bonus is that bubs can’t drop the necklace if you are wearing it so it saves you trying to reach under other passengers chairs to retrieve lost/thrown toys.

3) By dressing bubs in layers you are preparing for any climate. For us, travelling from Melbourne we are often going to a hotter climate on vacation but need to dress our littlest explorer appropriately for the trip to the airport. I usually put him in a nice singlet that could pass as an outfit for the first layer, then a top and pants. I try to get pants with enclosed feet to eliminate the need for socks. Nothing worse than losing one sock at the airport!

4) Some people get really hung up on routine and while agree that it’s very important, you have to understand that when you are on a flight with an infant they are in an unknown environment and might act differently than they normally would. I always take extra supplies to make sure we’re not caught out and feed the little adventurer whenever he wants to be fed.

5) It sounds very basic and obvious but make sure you take on board whatever your baby normally sleeps in. It will help your baby feel more at home and they’ll be more likely to drift off. My little adventurer loves the Love to Dream Swaddle up sleeping bags.

What’s your best tip for flying with babies?