I struggle with maintaining my fitness when we are travelling – there is always so much temptation! So I’ve put together my do’s and dont’s for keeping fit while you’re away.


– be realistic. Try to plan and commit to how much time you’d like to dedicate to keeping fit on your break. I aim to do a 30min workout at least every second day that we are away.

– get some professional help. If you see a personal trainer or go to a gym get some help to put together a program that can be done from your hotel room. My trainer from Pace Health put together two programs for me; one that can be done in my hotel room using my own weight as resistance and another program that can be done using the hotel gym equipment. That way I can’t use the excuse that the hotel didn’t have a gymnasium!

– try new things. Many hotels run classes for guests, why not try something you wouldn’t usually do? Sunset yoga on the beach in the Maldives was a highlight for me and we are trying our hand at indoor rock climbing at our hotel tomorrow.

– aim for activity. I get it, you’re on vacation and working out is pretty low on your list of priorities. Why not incorporate activity into your day by taking the stairs, jumping in the pool with the kids, explore the sights on foot rather than taking a bus or taxi.


– forget to pack your trainers. I have done this SO many times. I get up early to go for a workout, trawl through my suitcase only to discover that I forgot to pack my trainers!

– be too hard on yourself! You are on vacation after all 🙂

– be tricked by the All You Can Eat Buffet. I used to use being on vacation as an excuse to eat anything and everything and then wonder why I come back home 10kgs heavier. By all means enjoy the local cuisine but remember if you’d normally eat toast or cereal for breakfast at home, you probably don’t need a plate of bacon, chocolate croissants, French toast, hash browns, pancakes, waffles and sausages in one sitting.

– expect to lose weight while you are away. Aim to maintain a healthy weight and have a good time.

What are your best tips for keeping fit whilst travelling?