My travel agent referred me to see a Travel Doctor and I was a little sceptical to begin with. How much was this going to cost me and what could they tell me that my normal GP couldn’t?

I was greeted by the receptionist with a showbag. Who doesn’t love a showbag?! It had info on the destinations I was travelling to, immunisation record books, an easy look up guide of ailments and a gastro pack.


I was pleasantly surprised to find the Doctor was very knowledgable and had researched my destinations. As both our adventurers were up to date with their immunisations, they didn’t need to have any extra jabs (thank goodness!!) but I was not so lucky. Half an hour and a very sore arm later I was on my way feeling that much more prepared for the trip ahead. Here are some of the tips I found valuable from the Travel Doctor when travelling with kids:

1) Always drink bottled water no matter your destination. Some water whilst clean and drinkable can cause little ones to have an upset tummy.

2) Try to get the kids to drink out of straws if possible. Germs can be passed from drinking from the side of a cup that hasn’t been properly cleaned.

3) Stay away from monkeys. Ummm, okay then.

4) Take hand sanitizer and use it regularly on the kids. I really like the NatraSan instant hand sanitizer with Chamomile and Apple Blossom that I picked up from Baby Bunting. It’s a good size for your handbag and it doesn’t dry out your hands.


5) Cook it, peel it or forget it!

The service I used was called Travel Clinics but there are a few out there that you can use. You can check them out here