January is a very popular month for family travel so I thought I’d share with you the travel toys I’m loving right now.

1) Kaper Kidz Pirate Ship $38.95 from Baby Vegas. Both my kids love this toy. All the pieces fit neatly inside the pirate ship for easy storage. It’s a great toy to pop in your suitcase for when the kids need a little quiet play.

2) 100 Things for Little Children to do on a Journey $13 from the Chart and Map Shop . This is a set of wipe clean cards with simple activities to keep little children busy on long trips. The pack includes a special pen with which to write the answers on the cards, making the pack entirely self contained and easily portable.

3) This genius Construction Wallet handmade by Jilly Jumbles is available at The Coffee Apple for $39. These handmade, lightweight travel toys have been designed to live in mum’s handbag, to be called upon at any time to provide an instant distraction for little ones! They are fun, encourage creativity, are developmentally stimulating, AND they save parents sanity at cafes and restaurants, in waiting rooms, while travelling, visiting friends, or simply at home!

4) Tony T-Rex from Go Home $24.95. This bendy dino is part of the Woodies collection of friendly and flexible wooden objects. Made from sustainable growth beechwood forest and should live on forever if taken care of properly. My boys adore these dinosaurs and are happy to play with them for hours.

What travel toys are you loving at the moment?