Hi there! Thanks for coming along on this wonderful adventure with me. If you’ve been following me a for a while, great, thanks for your support. If you’re new to My Little Adventures – welcome! I hope you find what you are looking for.

The reason I stared blogging is pretty simple. It’s you. I’ve had so many questions over the years from other parents asking how to travel with kids that I decided to start putting it all out there. This is a warts and all approach to travelling with kids. My kids aren’t perfect. Some flights are great and some not so much. Generally we aim for something in between and are pleasantly surprised when things go well.

I’m all about inspiring families to travel, to experience the world with their kids. There can be a lot of negativity and consequently a whole lot of anxiety for parents when it comes to travelling with kids. I can’t take away the negativity, but hopefully I can help a little with the anxiety. I can bust a few myths along the way and share what’s worked for me.

An epic meltdown on the Melbourne Star; the moment before he puked all over me on a ride

For me, no matter how hard it is, how crazy the kids get or how little sleep we’ve had there’s always an absolute moment of clarity whilst we are away where I have my ah-ha moment. The moment that I know that we are where we are meant to be. The moment where I drink in the stillness. The moment where I freeze frame the kids smiles and the world seems to slow down. The moment where I know we are making memories for life. And I want you to experience that too.

IMG_1499.JPG A magic moment in the Maldives

I have always loved writing and blogging seems to fit really with me. Ever since work experience at the local newspaper I knew I wanted to write, I just had to figure out how. And so this blog was born.

I took my first overseas trip at 19 and was mesmerised by the world out there. However it wasn’t until much later on that I really started to explore the world with the kids. When I think about all the places my kids have been to before they are even 5 it astounds me! I feel very lucky to be able to discover places together and learn along the way with my kids.

So why not come along and share these adventures with me? I love hearing your stories and seeing your pics. More than anything I love infecting you all with the travel bug!

Safe travels