I have a one very excited little adventurer ready to pack his Trunki and head to Bali! We have the gorgeous green Dino design, but you can find this super cute Tiger design at The Luggage Professionals. Here are my latest finds to fill your Trunki and keep the kids entertained on the plane:


Clockwise from top Left:

1) Caterpillar finger puppets from The Coffee Apple $22.50. My one year old just loves fingers puppets at the moment and whilst they don’t keep his attention for long, it might just be long enough to avoid a mid air meltdown!

2) Magnetic Snakes and Ladders from Entropy $9.95. My biggest adventurer loves this game and the adults are more than happy to join in too to break up the journey.

3) Kids headphones from Kmart $8. Do not leave home without the headphones! I don’t want to hear the Angry Birds theme song for 8 hours straight (disclaimer: of course we don’t let him play the iPad for that long!) and I’m sure the other passengers don’t want to hear it either. These are a super comfy fit for the kids too.

4) My First Autobahn adhesive tape from Lime Tree Kids $21.95. I cant wait to test this one out, I’m sure my boys will love building their own tracks. When you’re done, just peel off!

5) Tiny Town Village Kit from Craft4kids $6.90. It’s a miniature town just waiting to be brought to life. Everything you need to create the town is included. It’s perfect for flying because it’s engaging and easy to clean up. I can’t wait to try this one out with the kids.

6) Triangle crayons from Tiger Tribe $9.95 (due out in Sept). I’m trying to get my hands on these because they are great for little hands. Plus having more than one colour on each crayon means you pack less.

7) Tiger Tribe Freddie Fox blankie from Urban Baby $19.95. My littlest adventurer is permanently attached to his Freddie Fox. It’s a good idea to take along a cuddle toy for older kids too as they might just drift off giving their favourite teddy a snuggle.

8) Roll up Car Mat from The Coffee Apple. This is a tried and tested travel toy for us. The boys love spreading it out on their tray table and it keeps them amused for quite a while.

9) Zaubertafel magic chalk board from The Whale Toy Shop $7.95. The kids can draw all they like and then it’s easily erased and they can start again.

10) Make and Play Pirate Activity set from Urban Baby $14.95. This set has everything you need to make and decorate a fun pirate costume.

11) Chupa Chups from your local supermarket. These are awesome bribery (sometimes you need a bit of mid air bribery!) and can also help with the air pressure changes during take off and landing.

What are the best toys you’ve found for flying?