“Why do you travel with your kids? Why not just wait until their older and it gets a bit easier?”

I often get asked this. The easy answer to this is that I’m impatient! This week I had a rare spare moment to reflect on this and I realised that the reason I travel with my kids is much more detailed than that.

You could say travel is my obsession. There’s not a day in the week when I’m not thinking about, planning, booking or researching travel. Nothing is more exciting to me than exploring new places through the eyes of my children. It has its ups and downs but I just cant imagine life without our adventures. This is what I love most about travelling with my little ones:


For me it’s all about the memories. The bond that shared experiences brings can’t be replicated. I want to sit around in my old age and wrap the memories around me like a blanket. That feeling of casting your eyes over a spectacular view for the first time, all while holding hands with those dearest to you. I am lucky to say I have a vault full of these moments.

“Memory… is the diary that we all carry about with us” ~ Oscar Wilde


As soon as the sun is up, my kids are up. Even more so when we’re overseas or somewhere new. It’s like flicking a switch: one minute they’re peacefully sleeping and the next they are running around the room squealing like maniacs. It’s taken a while to get on board with the early starts, but one bonus is that we often get to see the sunrise all around the world. Secretly, its become one of my favourite things to do. Sitting up in the hotel bed with the curtains open, kids perched on my lap, coffee in hand greeting the new day ahead.


Some people say my kids won’t remember all the travel we’ve done so far. They’re right. But they WILL remember the closeness that we share and the great relationship we’ve built by taking time out to travel with them.Travelling also allows the relationship with my husband to grow as we experience new places together.


The world is the best classroom and my kids are privileged to be its students. They pick up so much along the way, I’m always surprised by what they remember. By exposing them to new and unique experiences, they’ve been able to hone in on the things that fascinate them and expand their interests. We give the kids the freedom to be themselves, to discover new things for themselves and learn about who they are.

What do you love about travelling with your kids?