Last winter we took the kids on an adventure to the snow. I had zero idea what it would be like. I was dreaming of a few reds by the log fire, snowball fights and the novelty of having to rug up. I was not disappointed! We didnt want to come home and have been dreaming of those majestic snow capped mountains ever since. I think it’s fair to say we are hooked.  

 The winter wonderland seemed to transform my normally unadventurous four year old into a free spirited action kid. We have had many challenges with my biggest adventurer and due to hypermobility in his joints we thought that skiing would be very difficult for him. Well, didnt he just prove us wrong!! We got a ski instructor for the kids and by lunchtime they were standing up by themselves and rocketing down the kids slope. I have seriously never seen a bigger smile on his face in all my life!

Through perseverance and practice my son nailed it and can’t wait to get back out there on the slopes. Every time he fell over, he picked himself up and tried again. He blew me away with his grit and determination – I was a very proud mum.

As for me, well my skiing skills are questionable so I decided to pack it in after losing control and taking out a couple of little kids (maybe I’ll try my luck at snowboarding this year??! Can’t be any worse…).

There is one memory of the trip that has me smiling to myself every time I think about it. We woke up to find fresh snow on our balcony and all the kids excitedly ran outside in their pyjamas and boots to scoop up the soft snow and play with it. It was snowing lightly, the kids were catching snow flakes on their tongues and the air was filled with giggles and shrieks of excitement as they explored the new world around them. I don’t think it gets any better than that 5 minutes right there.  

So why not take your kids to the snow this year and try something new? We might see you there!