Today I am riding the Zombie land Express. An interstate red eye flight from Darwin last night and two children who seem to not need any sleep are to blame. We landed at midnight and by the time we gathered all our bags and drove home it was 2am. A sleep in was not on the cards this morning. My littlest adventurer was up at 5am and ready to start the day after only 3 hrs sleep.

I loathe the day after returning from a trip. Suitcases strewn all over the floor, fridge is bare, there is a growing mountain of washing and my toothbrush is MIA. We are out of breakfast supplies and the kids are starting to chew on the furniture. I shove the kids in the car in their pjs and make a desperate dash to the supermarket.

Each time we go away I promise myself I’ll be more organised. Somehow it just never happens. This is what I WISH I’d done before we’d left (note to self: READ THIS BEFORE NEXT TRIP!!!!):

– Clean out the fridge. I know, gross. It’s always on my pre-vacation checklist but doesn’t always happen. The food currently in my fridge could probably grow legs and take itself out to the garbage bin.

– Put a loaf of bread in the freezer. I almost always do this but this time I forgot. Waking up to starving children is not fun 🙁

– Buy some long life milk. Because coffee. You’ll need it after a crap flight with the kids and little to no sleep.

– Place an online grocery order the night before you arrive home so it’ll be delivered the day you get home. I usually use Woolworths Online but there are now loads of companies that deliver groceries to your door. No need to make a quick dash for supplies looking like a zombie.

Got any tips for before you go away to make your return easier? I’d love to hear them!